We demand genuine immigration reform – Legalization for all, no guest worker expansion & no more repression!

January 3, 2013 at 11:18pm

(Español abajo)

Sign on to this statement! To add your group or individual endorsement, message this page or email legalizationforall@gmail.com).
We demand genuine immigration reform!
Legalization for all, no guest worker expansion & no more repression!

President Obama and Congressional leaders say they are preparing to quickly push for comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) in the next congressional session. This is a refreshing change after 4 years of a total shutdown of immigration reform discussion on the national level, and the proliferation of extremist anti-immigrant laws on the state level like Arizona’s SB1070 and similar laws in Alabama, Georgia and elsewhere. We’re happy that immigration reform is back on the agenda nationally.

But we’re concerned about the initial pillars that have been proposed as the basis of immigration reform by congressional Democratic leaders and by President Obama. And we’re concerned that things may turn more negative if the Democrats start compromising even more with the Republicans’ even more repressive and restrictive approach.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform is not inherently progressive — even the right wing anti-immigrant groups say they want some sort of immigration reform.

We want genuine immigration reform. To get that, we have to raise our voices and press President Obama and Congress now for the specific things we want and do NOT want to see in the immigration reform bills that will be introduced in Congress.

We demand that immigration reform include:

Legalization for all

The Congressional Democratic leadership has assured that their CIR proposal will contain some form of legalization for undocumented immigrants in the country. They have not been specific about the content of that, but they have used rhetoric that emphasizes that it will be punitive and possibly restrictive. We demand that Congress pass legalization for all undocumented immigrants in the country. We want legalization that provides permanent residency (a green card) with the possibility of becoming a citizen if people so desire.

No second class guest worker program

“Legalization” could happen through various forms. One form that big business seems excited about is the dramatic expansion of “guest worker” programs. We are against any expansion of guest worker programs because they create a class of second class workers with restricted labor rights and other restricted rights by definition. We see this as a fundamental affront to workers’ rights and don’t want any expansion of guest worker programs in the immigration reform bill.

No more repression – No more militarization of the border or interior enforcement

Congressional Democratic leaders and President Obama have said that two pillars of their approach to immigration reform are 1) increasing “security” by further militarizing the US/Mexican border, and 2) an increase to interior enforcement which would make it almost impossible for undocumented people to find work. We are against these and we don’t want them to be part of immigration reform. We hope that members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will fight to eliminate these measures from immigration reform bills that are introduced. The US-Mexico border is already way too militarized, leading to thousands of needless deaths every year. Further increasing that militarization is just wrong. An increase to workplace enforcement will only continue to hurt immigrant workers and U.S.-born workers. We are against any measures that make it harder for people to work in the U.S. regardless of where they were born. Such measures should have no place in an immigration reform bill.

Our pillars: Legalization for all, no guest worker expansion, no more repression

These are the fundamental elements of Immigration Reform that we will fight for and demand from Congress and the President. If an immigration reform bill is introduced that includes more militarization of the border, more interior enforcement, restricts legalization by punitive measures or includes expansion of guest worker programs, we pledge to mobilize our communities to pressure our congresspeople to introduce amendments to eliminate those parts of the bill.

Take action now! Mobilize in your community & call Congress & the President!

We encourage you to organize actions in your community now to demand genuine immigration reform: legalization for all, no guest worker expansion, and no more repression!. Also contact your congresspeople and President Obama. Call your U.S. House rep: (202) 225-3121, your U.S. Senators: (202) 224-3121 and President Obama: 202-456-1111

Signed by (list in formation – to add your name or your group to the statement, send a message to this page or email legalizationforall@gmail.com):


  • AFSCME Local 3800 (Clerical workers union, University of Minnesota)
  • Boyl Heights Neighborhood Council (Boyl Heights, CA)
  • Building Revolutionaries In Conscious Knowledge (Durham, NC)
  • Centro CSO (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Communities United Against Police Brutality (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Denver Chicano Movement Legacy Project (Denver, CO)
  • Dream Defenders (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Dream Defenders (Tampa, FL)
  • Dream Defenders (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL)
  • FSU Progress Coalition (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Hondureños Unidos en Tampa (Tampa, FL)
  • International Action Center-Los Angeles
  • Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (Minneapolis, MN)
  • National Organization for Women (NOW) – Pinellas County, FL
  • Revolutionary Student Union (Salt Lake City, UT)
  • School of the Americas Watch (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Southern California Immigration Coalition (Los Angeles, CA)
  • St. Petersburg for Peace (St. Petersburg, FL)
  • Students for a Democratic Society – National Working Committee
  • Students for a Democratic Society, University of Minnesota
  • Students for a Democratic Society, University of South Florida
  • Students for a Democratic Society, University of Florida
  • Students for a Democratic Society, Austin Peay State University

INDIVIDUALS (* organizations listed for identification purposes only)

  • Sarah Abbott, the Hummingbird Fund for Migrant and Border Justice*, New York, NY
  • Hatem Abudayyeh, Arab American Action Network*, Chicago, IL
  • Carlos Aceves, educator, El Paso, TX
  • Haneen Ali, Students for Justice in Palestine, Tampa, FL
  • Jorge Alva-Huerto, Madison, WI
  • Peter Amato, professor, Drexel University Philadelphia PA
  • David Amdur, Latin America solidarity activist, Southbury CT
  • Erika Andiola, DRM Action Coalition
  • Niger Arevalo, Salvadoran activist
  • Juan Soto Avella, Students Working for Equal Rights member, Lakeland, FL
  • Sonia Aviles, Salvadoran activist
  • Cam S. Aviles, member of BRICKs (Building Revolutionaries In Conscious Knowledge), Durham, NC
  • Manuel Barrera, PhD, Associate Professor of Urban Education, Metropolitan State University,* St. Paul, MN
  • Elisa Benitez-Hernandez, UNCC student
  • Maria Asuncion Bilbao, DREAMers’ MOM group member, Miami, FL
  • Ashley Blazina, writer/activist, Chicago, IL
  • Michael Blosser, member of University of South Florida Graduate Assistants Union, Tampa Free Skool, and Tampa Bay Fair Food
  • Whytney Blythe, activist, Allen, TX
  • Sara Bojd, member of Tallahassee Dream Defenders, Tallahassee, FL
  • Sabrina Bracero, member of Tallahassee Dream Defenders, Tallahassee, FL
  • Charles Steven Broadbent, VP Revolutionary Students Union UVU, Orem, UT
  • Alexandria Brown, Co-founder, Techno-Feminist Utopia Film Series, Tampa, FL
  • Eric Brown, Gainesville Area SDS, Gainesville, FL
  • Gregory Butterfield, National Organization of Legal Service Workers Local 2320*, New York City
  • Roger Butterfield, Sarasota Students Working for Equal Rights, Sarasota, FL
  • Walt Byars, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Tampa, FL
  • Samuel Carlin Jr, member of Teamsters Local 2012, Los  Angeles, CA
  • Chrisley Carpio, member of UF Dream Defenders, Gainesville, FL
  • Ben Carroll, member of NC Student Power Union, Durham, NC
  • Chris Chiappari, Associate Professor of Sociology & Anthropology, St. Olaf College, Minnesota
  • Idalia Robles De Leon, Danzante, University of Minnesota student, social justice advocate
  • Nick Espinosa, Occupy Homes MN*
  • Alexandra Estevez, Tampa, FL
  • Estefania Galvis, Tampa bay SDS, Tampa, FL
  • Preston Gilmore, Clarksville Students for a Democratic Society, Clarksville, TN
  • Isela Gomez, member of ADELANTE*, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN
  • Catherine Gonzalez, member of Tallahassee Dream Defenders, Tallahassee, FL
  • Michelle Gross, President, Communities United Against Police Brutality, Minneapolis, MN
  • Christopher Hamil, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Orlando, FL
  • Jared Hamil, activist, Tampa, FL
  • Matt Hastings, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Tampa, FL
  • Jared Hoey, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Tampa, FL
  • John Holst, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota
  • Cherrene Horazuk, President, AFSCME Local 3800*, Minneapolis, MN
  • Cindy Ibarra, activist, Tampa, FL
  • Dalia Jaramillo, SEIU Local 1000*, Los Angeles, CA
  • Maritza Jaramillo, member of Tampa Dream Defenders, Brandon, FL
  • Veronica Juarez, Tampa Dream Defenders, Tampa, FL
  • Jessica Klonsky Brooklyn, NY
  • Mike Kramer, Assistant Organizing Director, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota*
  • Gage Lacharite, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Tampa, FL
  • Jose Landaverde, Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Anglican Mission*, Chicago, IL
  • Rachel E. B. Lang, Immigration Attorney, St. Paul, MN
  • Tristan Lear, participant of Occupy Tampa, Tampa, FL
  • Lurvin Lizardo, member of Hondureños Unidos en Tampa, Tampa, FL
  • Gregory Lucero, member of Revolutionary Student Union, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Shannon McEnteer, member of Orlando Dream Defenders, Orlando, FL
  • Kait McIntyre, member of Students for a Democratic Society, Chicago, IL
  • Esmeralda Márquez, Chicana activist, Grandview, WA
  • Liliana Márquez, Chicana activist, Grandview, WA
  • Marisol Márquez, member of Tampa Dream Defenders, Tampa, FL
  • Cory Martin, grad student, SUNY Binghamton.
  • Miguel Martinez, member Members Empowering True Awareness, Tampa FL
  • Michela Martinazzi, member of Students for a Democratic Society, University of Florida
  • Gladys McKenzie, retired union representative, AFSCME Council 5, Minnesota
  • Noe Moises, activist, El Centro Student Union, Dallas, TX
  • Carlos Montes, Chicano activist, Los Angeles, CA
  • Diana Moreno
  • B.J. Murphy, activist, Dobson, NC
  • Yasmin Nair, Chicago
  • Mark Naison, Professor of African American Studies and History, Fordham University
  • Bruce Nestor, past-President, National Lawyers Guild*
  • Cecelia O’Brien- member of Center for Participant Education at Florida State University, member of Tallahassee Dream Defenders
  • Rosa Veronica Ortiz, Life Christian University, Kissimmee, FL
  • Valentina Ortiz, member of United We Dream: Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL
  •  Gilel Paz, United We Dream:Tampa Bay, Brandon, FL
  • Anh Pham, member of Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAc)
  • Stephen Philion, Associate Professor of Sociology, St. Cloud State University
  • Jenna Pope, activist & photojournalist, New York, NY
  • Peter Rachleff, Professor of History, Macalester College*, Saint Paul, MN
  • Delaney Rohan, Sunshine State Law Group
  • Michael Sampson, member of Tallahassee Dream Defenders, Tallahassee, FL
  • Jessica Sanchez, member of Young American Dreamers, Lakeland, FL
  • Alejandra Saucedo, DREAMers’ MOM group member, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Brad Sigal, Trustee of AFSCME Local 3800* & member of MIRAc
  • Isaac Silver, Immigrant Youth Justice League*, Chicago, IL
  • Dania Sixto, Tampa Solidarity Network, Tampa, FL
  • Emily Smith, Parent Educator/Home Visitor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  • José Roberto Soto, Secretary of the North Central Florida Central Labor Council*
  • Koba Sounds, Filipino-American hip-hop artist
  • John Spritzler, editor, NewDemocracyWorld.org
  • Dante Strobino, Field Organizer, UE 150 – North Carolina Public Service Workers Union*, Durham, NC
  • Daniel Sullivan, National Lawyers Guild*, Dallas, Texas
  • Masao Suzuki, Professor of Economics, Skyline College*, San Bruno, CA
  • Jeremiah Tattersall, president ofFight Back Florida, Gainesville, FL
  • Vivian Taylor, State Outreach Director for UniteWomen.org FL and Vice President of Pinellas NOW*
  • Saul Thomas, Chicago
  • David Thurston, Board member of Washington Peace Center, Washington D.C.
  • Stephanie Todd, Chicana activist, Seattle, WA
  • Elizabeth Toms, Tampa, FL
  • Ngoc Loan Tran, founding member of United 4 the DREAM, Charlotte, NC
  • Martin Unzueta, Executive Director, Chicago Community and Workers Rights*, Chicago, IL
  • Seng Vang, USMC, Tampa FL
  • Teng Vang, Activist, Tampa FL
  • Cesar Vargas, DRM Action Coalition
  • Joshua West, president of Revolutionary Students Union at Utah Valley University
  • Anne Winkler-Morey, Community Faculty, History and Ethnic Studies, Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN
  • Tyler Wright, member of Student Labor Action Project at University of Central Florida
  • Michael D. Yates, Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown; Adjunct Professor of Labor Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Associate Editor of Monthly Review magazine
  • Alekos Zambrano, member of Tampa Dream Defenders, Tampa, FL
  • Rabbi Dr Katherine Hans Von Rotes Schild Zitler, San Francisco Interfaith Coalition, CLUE, Asian South East Asian Societies, Temple Hashem
  • Chance Zombor, member of Decolonize Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  • Jiping Zuo, Ph.D, Professor of Sociology and East Asian Studies, Co-Chair of Department of Sociology & Anthropology, St. Cloud State University, Minnesota



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