The Fight for DAPA Continues in 2016!

The U.S Department of Homeland Security is preparing to start targeted deportation arrests beginning in January 2016. Although this operation is said to primarily target immigrants who have already received orders of deportation by an immigration judge, ICE will directly focus its efforts against the hundreds of Central American mothers and children who since last summer have been fleeing the violence and devastating poverty in Central America, crossing the U.S border and seeking asylum.

DHS continues to increase border patrols and Governor Abbott of Texas has ordered the National Guard to patrol the US-Mexico border. Since Mexicans are not eligible for asylum they are forced to cross via more dangerous terrain and many die of dehydration and fall victim to violence and robbery on the border. Deaths on the border with Texas and Mexico were 126 in 2014 and now 108 but it is believe that there are many more deaths not found.

Also, the new Obama executive order calling for deferred action for children brought to the US and their parents (DACA/DAPA) was blocked by a Republican Governors led lawsuit. It is pending in court and may be hear by the US Supreme Court this summer. This executive measure would give temporary legal residency to over 5 million people.

Rather than complying with a federal court order to release the families detained, the Obama administration appealed the court order and continues to jail them in for profit “Detention Centers” which are infamous for their human rights violations, denial of decent food, hygiene, medical attention, and overcrowded conditions. In addition to the horrendous conditions of detainment, families seeking asylum also lack sufficient representation and a comprehensive understanding of the asylum process.

Therefore, as the Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and the Obama administration clearly seek to intensify their attack on undocumented immigrant families, The Legalization for All Network invites individuals and organizations to joins us in a National Call in the Day to reject ICE deportations and deaths on the border.




In the struggle for legalization and full equality for all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. En la lucha por la legalizacion y la igualdad para todos los inmigrantes indocumentados en los EEUU.

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