Cantor’s Defeat Shows Presidential Action Needed:


David Brat on Immigration
David Brat on Immigration

Obama Must Expand DACA to Deferred Action For All!
Commentary by Masao Suzuki for the Legalization for All Network

On Tuesday, June 10, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the second most powerful man in the Republican controlled House of Representative was defeated in a primary election by the Tea Party-backed David Brat. Despite Cantor 25-1 advantage in fundraising, Brat ran on a hard-line anti-immigrant platform that brought Cantor down.

Cantor’s defeat is just another example of how the Republican Party is not willing or able to deal with immigration reform. With the so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” or CIR dead in the water despite the border mllitarization, workplace enforcement, expanded temporary worker programs, and other concessions to Republicans, only executive action by President Obama can stop the deportations.

With over two million undocumented deported in the last five years, with families torn apart and millions more living in fear, the time is NOW to stop the deportations!

President Obama, expand the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to Deferred Action for All!

President Obama, order the Department of Homeland Security to stop putting up barriers to drivers licenses for the undocumented as they did in California!


When will President Obama issue the executive order to stop them? when will he issue #DACA4ALL

Friday, the 13th!

Attend this:
Call The DHS: 202-282-2010
Read this: “Hi I’m calling from ____your city/state_____,

To demand ‘Hands Off!’ California’s Driver Licenses for the undocumented! There should NOT be words saying what our immigration status is on our license. Don’t make us your target! We want a stop to deportations and our licenses without a way for us to be deported!”
Legalization for all network is urging EVERYONE in the country to help the state of California’s undocumented immigrants and those seeking driver’s licenses!

US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has rejected the California state design. They prefer to have the disclaimer, “This card is not acceptable for official, federal purposes,” on the front of the card instead of the back. They also want the license to be colored-coded or have a new design to differentiate it more from other licenses. This would expose undocumented immigrants and make them more vulnerable to harassment and deportations.

Be sure to invite ALL of your friends and to make the call!
Tweet about it:
#StopTheHorror @DHSgov get your hands off #CaliforniaLicenses for the undocumented! Don’t make us your targets!
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