May Day Actions! – What’s Your City Doing?


Who: YOU
Where: All across the country
When: May Day, May 1st, 2014
White House Phone #: (202) 456-1111
Nationally, people will be marching on May 1st – International Wokers’ Day to demand #Not1More deportation.

What is happening near YOUR city?
If you do not see your city below, we encourage you to call-in on May 1st, to the White House and to demand a stop to deportations. It’s time President Obama issue an executive order for ALL of the undocumented; Deferred Action for ALL #DAFA now!
Los Angeles:
New York City:
San Antonio:
San Jose:
Salt Lake City:
St. Paul:
A Living Memory: From Haymarket Riots to LA Mega Marches May Day Call-In for Deferred Action For All

This May 1st, the International Workers Day will be celebrated all around the world, commemorating the 1886 Haymarket Riots, when striking workers were demanding the eight-hour work day. Every year after that, the May Day celebration has been celebrated as a holiday for the working classes all over the world. And in 2006, hundreds of thousands in the immigrant community in the US participated massively to defeat the anti-immigrant Sensenbrenner Bill, which would have criminalized all undocumented in the country.

Up to this point, the movement faces yet another enormous challenge, to stop the “Deporter in Chief”, President Obama, from continuing a deportation quota of 1,100 a day. The number of deportees since his administration started has now surpassed the 2 Million mark.

The President says he can’t do anything about ending deportations until Congress acts first. However, we know that is a lie! Obama has the power to stop deportations and to grant relief, like he did in 2012 when he granted Deferred Action to a number of selected undocumented youth. As a result, the immigrant rights movement is now demanding that President Obama take executive action to stop the deportations and to grant relief to the undocumented who already live in the US.

Join the Legalization for All Network on this May Day to call in to remind the White House that the immigrants’ rights movement goes much more beyond lobbying and pressuring Republicans. We must remind the White House that there are hundreds of deported immigrants who are seeking asylum within the United States, that hunger strikes will continue, that there are still millions of immigrants and Chicanos who seek the right to work and live in dignity, and that it is imperative to call for Deferred Action For All!

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In the struggle for legalization and full equality for all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. En la lucha por la legalizacion y la igualdad para todos los inmigrantes indocumentados en los EEUU.

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